Sandra Stibbards

Sandra Stibbards

Licensed Private Investigator


Sandra Stibbards - Owner & President

Licensed Private Investigator in California (PI 18099)

Sandra Stibbards began her investigative career training and working extensively with one of the oldest and best-known private investigation agencies in California. Four years later, January 2, 1996, she opened her own investigation agency, Camelot Investigations. Currently, she maintains a private investigator license in the state of California.

Ms. Stibbards specializes in Financial Fraud Investigations, Competitive Intelligence, Counterintelligence, Business and Corporate Espionage, Physical Penetration Tests, Online Vulnerability Assessments, Brand Protection/IP Investigations, Corporate Due Diligence and Internet Investigations. Social Engineering and Elicitation are specialized skills that she has developed and refined during her years as an investigator. She has included “Internet profiling” and online investigations within her work. Ms. Stibbards has conducted investigations internationally in five continents.

As the Internet expanded, it became another tool used to accomplish Ms. Stibbards investigative goals. She became proficient at utilizing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to enhance and strengthen all investigations. The methods and thought processes used as a private investigator amplified and bolstered the utilization of OSINT. OSINT is used every day in her investigative case work. OSINT is an immensely powerful tool when conducting Financial Fraud Investigations, Competitive Intelligence, Counterintelligence, IP Investigations, Internet Threats, Corporate and Individual Due Diligence, Backgrounds, Assets, Difficult Locates.

Briefing Schedule

Dark Arts Village Opening
June 7, 2022

Opening of the Dark Arts Village

Mastering OSINT for Cybersecurity Professionals
June 7, 2022

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is the collection and analysis of data gathered from open sources (overt and publicly available sources) to produce actionable intelligence. OSINT is primarily used in national security, law enforcement, and business intelligence functions and is of value to analysts who use non-sensitive intelligence in answering classified, unclassified, or proprietary intelligence requirements across the previous intelligence disciplines

Sock Puppets
June 8, 2022

An online identity created, and used, for purposes of deception. A sockpuppet purports to be an independent party that supports, approves of, or agrees with some agent (a person, organization, agency, or state), but is in fact created and controlled by that agent, and has no independent existence. Common uses of sockpuppets include plausibly deniable hacking or information operations, provocation, and astroturfing (creation of the illusion of grassroots support).

Dark Side Twitter
June 9, 2022

Dark Side Twitter