Sam Bowne

Sam Bowne

Instructor, CCSF


Sam Bowne is an instructor at City College San Francisco, and has been teaching hacking and security classes for ten years. He has presented talks and workshops at DEF CON, HOPE, RSA, BSidesLV, BSidesSF, and many other conferences. He has a CISSP, a PhD and many industry certifications.

Briefing Schedule

Violent Python 3
June 7, 2022

Violent Python 3 Workshop Description Even if you have never programmed before, you can quickly and easily learn how to make custom hacking tools in Python. In hands-on projects, participants will create tools and hack into test systems, including: Port scanning Login brute-forcing Port knocking Cracking password hashes Sneaking malware past antivirus engines With just a few lines of Python, it's easy to create a keylogger that defeats every commercial antivirus product, from Kaspersky to FireEye. What You Need: I recommend a Kali Linux 2 computer, real or virtual. However, you can use some other type of Linux, or Mac OS X, or even Windows with Python 2.7 installed. However, you can't do these projects with a default Chromebook or iPad. Level V also requires a Windows computer (real or virtual).

Threat Hunting w/ Splunk
June 8, 2022

Threat Hunting w/ Splunk

Windows Internals
June 9, 2022

Windows Internals