Rod Soto

Rod Soto


Rod Soto is the Principal Security Research Engineer at Splunk. Previously he worked at Prolexic, Akamai, and Caspida. He won the Black Hat CTF in 2012. Soto co-founded Hackmiami, Pacific Hackers meetup, and conferences.

Currently engaged in Adversarial Simulation, Investigation, Detection & Threat Response using cloud and code as infrastructure technologies.

Briefing Schedule

Dark Arts Opening
June 7, 2022

Opening and welcome to the Dark Arts Village

Mastering the Attack Range
June 7, 2022

Mastering the Attack Range, Learn how to setup the Splunk Attack Range on your own systems or in the cloud https://youtu.be/XIypvi0WUms

SBX3-TIL4: Offensive Capture the Flag 101
June 7, 2022

Sandbox Training Space - SBX3-TIL4: Offensive Capture the Flag 101 - Guided Beginner CTF