Craig Stevenson

Craig Stevenson


Director of ThreatLocker Ops, with a proven track record of fortifying organizational defenses through innovative security measures. I take pride in pioneering cutting-edge approaches, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and effectively mitigating emerging threats.

Senior Software Engineering Manager, my expertise spans the entire software development lifecycle. I specialize in optimizing functional efficiency and delivering innovative software solutions to meet business objectives. I have consistently demonstrated my ability to align security initiatives with business goals and ensure the seamless integration of technology and risk management tools. My extensive skills in threat intelligence and incident response contribute significantly to elevating the overall security posture of the organizations I work with.

Areas of Expertise:
Product Development Lifecycle, Network and Application Security, System Architecture Enhancement, Prototyping, Budgeting and Forecasting, Strategic Planning and Execution, New Features Implementation, Risk Mitigation, User Experience Enhancement, SaaS-Based Cybersecurity Solutions, Process Improvement, Team Leadership

Briefing Schedule

Taking over a MAC
May 8, 2024


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