Lenin Alevski

Lenin Alevski

Professional Cloud Security Engineer


Lenin Alevski is an Application Security Engineer at MinIO. Before joining MinIO, Lenin worked at OneLogin, Oracle and Websec Mexico as a software engineer, security consultant and penetration tester. He is very passionate about startups, security & privacy, CTFs, blockchain and home automation. He also enjoys giving talks and workshops about security.



Briefing Schedule

Kubernetes (In)Security
June 8, 2022

Kubernetes (In)Security Why are more and more companies moving to the Private & Hybrid Cloud? Why is everybody talking about Kubernetes? Is it good? Is it Secure? In this talk you will learn about the basics of Kubernetes and how it works, then you will explore common attack vectors used against Kubernetes infrastructure ("The threat matrix of Kubernetes") as well as protections you can put in place to mitigate risk and stop attackers (RBAC, Security Context, Network Policies, Pod Security Policies, OPA, etc.) A short hands-on experience CTF in a local Kubernetes environment, when completed with the training attendees can play it (https://github.com/Alevsk/dvka)