Chapter 2.0 – Lab Setup – Must be completed first.

Option 1 – Use your Kali Linux VM and run script

Option 2 – Use the Darkarts Kali VM

Option 3 – Cloud based AWS or Digital Ocean

Option 4 – Online bWapp only

Option 1:

Option 2:

  • Download the Darkarts image from the website (unavailable)
  • Locate and Import into VMWare Workstation Pro
  • Start up machine and select “I copied it”
  • Login to the machine, user:root / pwd: t00r2022

Option 3:

Option 4:

Lab Guide:

Lab Guide – Download latest lab guide 4.1 for class

Other Tools

Quantum HackBar – HackBar Quantum is a sidebar that assists you with web application security testing.

Web Developer – Tool kit, CSS,  Forms, Max lengths, Cookies,

Scripts Required – Setup Script to get your system ready, installs Docker, Python, and containers – Script used to start and stop containers


Discord – Join Discord Communication to chat with attendees and instructors.