QUANTUM THEORY is a program that capitalizes on vulnerabilities within applications and networks using a number of hacking techniques. It includes a variety of sub-program

QUANTUMINSERT requires internet backbone access, the placement of secret servers across key areas of the internet. This is done so that requests to visit web sites can be intercepted before the legitimate server is contacted, which tricks a web browser into visiting a bogus web site on a government server. It uses a well known hacking technique called “man-in-the-middle” MITM attacks. Once a web browser is redirected, malware can be inserted directly into the users’ computer.


Exploitation of:

Data extraction sources:

Combined with other state surveillance tools:

TURBINE – Internet traffic sifting that shifts data to a variety of databases.
FOXACID – Spy agency web servers used to redirect Internet traffic (e.g. TOR users)
XKEYSCORE – search engine for access to content, metadata and real-time tracking and monitoring of website traffic and user activities.
MUSCULAR – intercepts data going into and out of Google and Yahoo services.
MARINA – metadata repository for Internet traffic.

Layers of operation: