Network Warfare Team

CAPTIVATEDAUDIENCE—takes control of computer microphones and records users’ conversations

GUMFISH—accesses computer webcams to take photos of those nearby

FOGGYBOTTOM—records users’ browsing histories and collects login information including passwords for email accounts

SALVAGERABBIT—extracts data from removable flash drives once they are linked to a targeted machine

HAMMERCHANT and HAMMERSTEIN—carries out “exploitation attacks” against Virtual Private Network (VPN) systems, track phone calls sent via Skype

QUANTUMSKY—blocks targeted computers from accessing web sites

QUANTUMCOPPER – corrupts files downloaded by targeted computers

WILLOWVIXEN—sends spam messages with malicious links containing “back-door implants”

QUANTUMHAND—uses fake Facebook server to “shoot” malware packets at target

SECONDDATE—modifies content of communications between servers and clients in real time, redirects browsers to NSA servers codenamed FOXACID, said by NSA docs to have “mass exploitation potential for clients passing through network choke points”

VALIDATOR—downloads and uploads data to and from targeted computers

TURBINE operations are coordinated with a global network of surveillance “sensors,” codenamed TURMOIL.