Dark arts
Exploit Development, Attack Surface, Bug Bounty, Red Teaming

The Dark Arts Team and Village specializes in performing “Wizardry” of sorts – Once called the “Dark Arts” of infosec, that is the art of stealthy, covert, exploitation, performing CNO/CNE Global Computer Network Exploitation and leaving no trace. The Dark Arts Village is a project, a group of professionals.

Utilize Critical thinking in acquiring and tracking targets. Creating exploits, code that allows us to secretly access a system. The dark arts have long been held to be that of evildoers, or nefarious characters. That is not the case with The Dark Arts Village, our goal is to pass on knowledge and bridge the divide, so that future Cyber Operators are better able to perform these techniques, tactics and procedures.

Know that Red & Blue teaming alone wont save your organization from the stealthy adversaries that are hell-bent on getting into your enterprise. Offensive operations against critical infrastructure and organizations trade secrets are on the rise. Defending against the Dark Arts, our mission is to teach attendees to understand not only the TTP’s of an adversary how to position defensive measures. The Tailored Access Cyber Operator is the ultimate adversary their “Dark Art” skills are beyond reproach, your team needs to learn and operate at much higher level then Red Teams.

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Computer Network Exploitation" (CNE)

Tailored Access Operations (TAO)

Computer Network Exploitation

Tailored Access Operations (TAO)

Enabling operations and intelligence collection capabilities conducted through the use of computer networks to gather data from target or adversary information systems or networks.

computer network attack (CNA)

Destroy or otherwise incapacitate Adversary's Networks

computer network attack (CNA)

Attack, Infiltrate, Sabotage

The objective of CNA is to deny the adversary the ability to use their computer systems, stored information and networks as intended.